What do we serve to community

Theme Based Music composition work through stories written behind the notes of sounds before executing it into a sound mould. Its like work starts from imagination of stories or real life stories into musical transformation with our visions. Difference is that I am a composer using basic sound note knowledge base with the twist of technology to modulate final outcome according to story base in the musical work. Believing to living in a present moment with the vision of dreams makes me feel alive to keep composing new music work with the ease regardless of what some community percept that work as how! learning is a good thing in life for me as I always learn new things to make life easier in terms of personal growth. That reflects to my new releases as always love to do new things or old things in a new way. Initially called as mood music as that works on different emotions which are reffered to as moods. Stories,Emotions,notes arrangements & composing a new music sets make feel good.

How Do We compose Music?

Generating real time music playing from self made technologies and some developer help from the open source community for sounds and by means its too much time consuming but will make it quicker in future soon. As this is design to compose each note with different scale and key in different sphere space location just like real world live recording. Playing and arranging notes according to feel and emotions involved in the story base to make it live. The fun part is that it has only two chanels stereo but still gives you spatial effects because of the working on each musical note from the scratch. No use of lot of synths but some basic softwares which are open source like for example AUDACITY. Constructive way of arranging and playing notes with various human playable tempos (e.g CDEFGA) is how we do raw music. Soon will share Sheets of Work for anyone to play & perform.

What is the most useful tool to us

Any Score notation Software is the most useful to us in productions because it helps to improve work efficiency in dynamics & articulations while mastering. If you are new then start with open source Notation softwares like Musescore & if you feel comfortable with complex tools then go with any commercial DAW with Notations as they have all things included with notations , vsts, effects or more. Some people dont need this notations but we prefer because that way you find constructions in notes but again its about how you like things in productions. you just need some basic knowledge in notations like your keys, clefs , chords, tempo , dynamics, articulations etc. Once that has been learned , it becomes easier to play your Composition.

Are our sounds available to use commercially?

We provide non exclusive sounds to be used in productions of your major projects but still you need to get licence.You need to contact to the email address in contact tab for more details.

How to find all list of registerd work for business?

search records on copyright offices, BMI catalogue & sound exchange catalogue

Is this even possible to use in private business as our Brand Track?

Yes, Certainly it is. If you have professional Business going on and you need to stand out different than others than you need different track for your brand and we do offer private theme soundtrack only exclusive to individual brands. for more contact to email address or fill up the form.

Are there any places you find our website?

Sounds were out before releases once composed in 2016 but some used it and it became copyright issues but We have infinite original story base music works coming and coming so now that we learned how to copyright work & file a lawsuit so no worries for new music.

You can use any of the website contents for promotional or informative purposes. you can not make it commercial without prior contact if you need an urgent response just send email to [email protected]

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