Ancient Relaxing Music

Ancient Relaxing Music
Type: Soundtracks
Track:Ancient Relaxing Music
Release Type: Single
Songwriter: Rahul Shailesh Vaghela
Number Of tracks: two Track
Released on: 2nd December 2017
Genre: World
Egyptian Mysterious Music|ISWC: T-923.615.989-0|00:09:26| Deep Relaxation Music|ISWC: T-923.615.987-8|00:09:26|

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Story behind Composition

Ancient Relaxing Music

First Release Tracks as single with two tracks with very ancient theme of egyptian where black race was the dominant race in that era with all those people were the part of bigger intel than today so all those mysterious vibes of old recording creates mystery that what we are seeing today in egypt was not Egypt in history. Still this is not any kind of facts so its just a story in my brain and vibes i felt so thought of sharing with art community.

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℗Rahul Shailesh Vaghela