Perspective Thrill

Perspective Thrill
Type: Soundtracks
Tracks:Perspective Thrill
Release Type: Single
Songwriter: Rahul Shailesh Vaghela
Number Of tracks: Five Track
Released on: 7th September 2018
Genre: Soundtracks
Classical Peace-ISWC: T-925.806.413-0|00:12:48 Immortsl Soul-ISWC: T-925.806.246-3|00:10:37 Crawling Purity-ISWC: T-925.806.262-3|00:07:56 Vexation In Vein-ISWC: T-925.806.176-6|00:08:50 Escaped Timeline-ISWC: T-925.806.439-0|00:17:15

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Story behind Composition

Perspective Thrill

All tracks have different stories all binds each with thrill of their own so named as perspective thrill .(its like for clasical peace its a thrill to them but for crawling purity its not a thrill still they are together thats a thrill of perspection) first track is very relaxing easy-listening style work which has a story of old couples an dthey are not together anymore but when they go home after their day ends they play their vinyl records of old sounds of rain it reminds them their startup days of life. man is sitting lustening rain and ambient sound with slow strings is soothing him and he goes totally into the old days of his memories and all those ups and downs with his wife. rain defines love pouring in where as thunder storm sounds in middle at the back reflects how they had bad days in past but the waterfall in nature arouund them speaks how they were strong together in every situation. it ends with the same flow of vibes and in the snap he just woke up & realised that it was just a dream of his past and all is gone but still he finds a peace in this kind of separation in his way. thats why its a classical peace.

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℗Rahul Shailesh Vaghela