Intellectual Humans

Intellectual Humans

Intellectual Humans

Releases on: December 27th 2019

Genre: Soundtracks/Alternative

Type: Album

Mood: Fun,Fictional,Mystery

Theme: Intellectual Humans

Tracks List

Alive In Cold

Ashamed Baby

Broken Ice

Burried Hate

Empty Roads

Everything Is Crossed

Glow Xmax

Graceful Snow

Happy Mummers

Horrified Creature

Magical Clock Wave

Mountain Ritual

Painify Bots

Portrait Of Contrast

Sharpened Edge

Snow Flakes

Tangled Rooftop

Tremored Love

Uninvited Space

Unlocked dimensions

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Throughout the time period of human race in the evolution, it has been always balanced in everything they create or destroy. In the ancient world, people find intriguing in solving things like heaven, hell, god, demon, alien, superhuman, or anything which can not be solved easily by the scientists! Thing is that scientists do have the role in some of the parts of few of this mystery since the ancient time till today! This story has nothing to do with actual facts or creations but just a fictional work made for the entertainment purposes only! It has nothing to do with reality.

Our Galaxy is wide and spherical within the mother galaxy to nurture it throughout its phase of birth to the black hole! Once in a time, we humans have evolved to the level of becoming super humans in which we have functions and tasks created for special force team to balance our sources in every timeline by the alliance of all of entire earth for the earth!

To accomplish this task team has to pass the tests created by the artificial intelligent to become one team for the purpose. All things are in synchronicity in every future until one day they found the disruptions in the future that makes all disappear from everything to nothing. So emergency teams has to be in force with many of other working teams to find the cause and eliminate it from the root.

Now this story is about team which is not that good because they are in the training of the things like hell, heaven, basic earth, purgatory, space-science, inter-religion-science, etc. so they have not cleared any of the knowledge skill set compared to other well established working force teams but this has to be them because of NO CHOICE.

They are trained to believe that this time we have lost balance among earth, heaven, hell, purgatory and space dimensional light because of the unknown cause from the far future or far history. They all are thinking its just an educational team tasks but not the responsible work force creation to find something and eliminate it from the root.

Team includes James a 32 years old male who is specialized in space-light and time balance, Conan 46 years old male who is specialized in cultivating humans from the single cell, biological effects on the molecules on all organisms, Kristen 20 years old female who is specialized in forceful brutal army tactics and attacking enemies silently. Jennifer 65 years old female who is more specialized in making the social groups, balancing thoughts within groups, Uniting or breaking people and much more. Jeff 53 years old male specialized in creating human made super intelligent robots, Technological drift in humans with AI and more.

They all have their co-assistants with them and that makes their team of 20 people going together for something bigger than they have been thinking right now. Jennifer and Conan are the leaders and they are going to evaluate their team members to allocate them individual work functions to accomplish. Jennifer explains that Jeff has sensible and technological profile suited for advanced data analysis from the timelines and Kristen is good in handling defense systems and attacks for our ship. Conan , you have really serious profile on something cellular stuff that I don't even understand how to express but you know what I mean. Conan said hey I know what you mean but don't just insult my high degree level education for the greater good. Jennifer replied seriously Conan that's your expression? We all have some sorts of skills and we are still doing this work than being rich on top of the world so save it for later. We actually forgot James whats his special gift? James said I am gifted to work for light-space-time balance. Then Jennifer stopped him by saying yeah about the gift thing, I was mocking on you because you are still undergrad and have no experience in being slave. James got confused and asked Jennifer what do you mean by being slave. I have graduation in light…! Jennifer again interrupts by telling him bla bla bla you have grade education now you want more and we all have been there but one thing is still missing. Do you know that we all have been slave to our leaders when we were doing first work force task as a team and I am looking at your profile and I found out that you need lot more experience in that part and you are still staring at me that makes me realize that your experience period has just begun by me and signed by me and observed by me. Hurrah!!! James is leaving by saying Thank You mam! Anything for you! Do you like sugar? I am making coffee for the team as a servant. Jennifer is angry and replied hey you there just stop and don't be cocky to me because this is going to be long mission and I am one of the main leaders of the team so go and make coffee with cream and caramel with two sugar please. James (to himself) said thank god she said PLEASE.

(for the reference this is still happening in an advanced future!)

James heading to meet other members and shits about leaders in the group that this is going to be the worst time for us! Conan talks with Jennifer about various sequences to visit places in time and after finishing the discussion she says I still don't get coffee where is James? Conan replied we don't have to be rude to them just because we were treat such bad. Jennifer said OK you do the nice part and I will be the bad ass. You know one has to be opposite to gain sympathy from the group and one has to be like me. Conan (to himself) Hell yeah you have the specialized skills in that.

James brings coffee to Jennifer and asks Conan if he needs anything then he replied to James Hey you know what forget about me if you need help in making coffee for this lady then shout out loud since this is more important than the mission. They both laughed and Jennifer listened and mesmerized.

(well played Conan you'll be the good one in this mission).

Conan gives tasks to everyone and these are the things they all have to do in given amount of space-time. Tells everyone that no one should interfere in anything because we are sent just to observe so find and report to me or Jennifer. Kristen, you are going to the national defense and security with other three members with you and they are Hector, Ellen and Sein. Find the person in charge and tackle them with nothing but just the codes we provided you before classified conversations even begin and don't worry if they take time to understand you because they will be very slow in analyzing your presence and knowledge so try to be more dumb. Kristen replied alright sir! Everything will be good with this because I have done this before but I needed more members as they said last time to me and three is sufficient. Jeff, You go anywhere you want where you can find large numbers of data servers so you can directly work there and find out anything we need and take this cards with you for clearance purposes because they are using that old card tap security on doors and guards. James asked question What if they throw us in jail? Jennifer said see! Now you definitely know why you should make coffee only?. Everyone laugh. Jeff said that I don't need members just more AI bots with me. Conan replied Jeff That is not possible because our AI in this time can lead to many questions and fail the mission. Remember don't be angry if some of them hate AI because they are afraid of AI taking over humans so don't worry they are behind the time. Do your work and report. Now James ….. Jennifer interrupts Conan and asked James What kind of coffee would you like to research in this time? Anything you want. Choice is yours. Conan stopped her and said James No you are not doing that you go to HOLLYWOOD and study ART and PEOPLE involved in great stories. Jennifer laughed(sarcastically) said That's what I meant. James argued with Conan in why he should not study and observe light-space time! Jennifer said James Whatever you have studied here is like magical tricks for them so that happens in TV shows and Movies and some funny talk shows so go there and do your job we are not bad guys. Its just that I served coffee to too many people and I want others to serve for me and you are the first one.

Mission has just started by sending all individuals to different time with their respective tasks. Jennifer thinks that what should we do? Should we go to mission or stay with the AI on the ship and feel like the boss? Conan said whatever you want but I am going to do my work because I don't want to explain our failures to overlord AI. Jennifer (to herself) no kidding I don't want to serve coffee again. God I didn't make James to do my grocery or laundry! James Is lucky to have me as BOSS.

Everyone starts off to the places they are designated to observe and story begins by James entering into the world of Arts. He wonders that he’s having one assistant and she rejected to come with him. He is on his own and actually he is quiet relieved by not having anyone for this work because even he does not know if this is the right place for himself to be.

He begins by entering into the cold places of the northern Europe where he discovers an artist who can actually do cool stuff which he used to watch in his childhood days so stays there and he feels like this is the life where he can live, eat, enjoy, relax.

(don't forget that James or anyone from his team even slightly aware of the fact that they will see unusual things in the mission and this is the first start for James)

He is looking at complete timeline alteration in front of his eye because his favorite sweet artist becomes rock hard metal instrument player in a glance of seconds and everything becomes different than he watched in his childhood. He is starting to write down changes and moves on to other places because he is feeling confused by this as he is only designated to observe art not the science stuff happens in the background but he could not resist. He starts asking people about things he knows from the future but when he got the answers the results were quite odd.

He just writes down in the report that timeline alteration happened alive in cold in Europe while observing his favorite artist turning into metal rock star from classical guitar player.

(looks like James forgot many things to note down as he still thinks this is just group training)

James is called upon by the AI from the ship that because of his interference the timeline in the artist’s fate changed and now James is more concern in reversing the fate and fails to do that and still he tries his every efforts to alter back to original fate but he is going back and forth everyday but it comes back to the altered reality and he is feeling tired and shameful for things he has done. He actually feels like he has only observed the artist then how he has the role in changing the fate and timeline.

Now, James Moves on and believes that this problem can not be undone and gives observation to other territory in the Great Britain, where he is being confronted by unusual technological advancement which is used by unknown being but that solves all the things James has caused in fate alteration in the artist’s life and becomes all back to the normal. James tried to follow the being and saw something unusual. That unknown thing made ice stones and turned himself into the icicle then suddenly evaporates into the air. James was stunned by this and mystery is still intact and unsolved.

(for the records James still thinks its just random group task...Yeah you get that he is little way why Jennifer said he should only make coffee).

Kristen, who is currently investigating issues with the Chinese and US intelligent services on the global scale that what happened in northern Europe which turned something into ice and then into air. Is that some kind of military AI tech device created in Emergencies of timeline or what. She discovered that nothing is created by any of the intelligent services from any country but she then visits the European town for the investigations. Some folks replied to her about the questions that they believe that this is sent by the god to our planet to solve issues like this. Kristen asked again that what does it have to do with the god with this creature? They said it is said that our town was cursed something in the history because sometimes people feel like they have been under spell of energy like thing in nights on the roads. Kristen is strong believer in science only and she used to hate this stuff in her life when she read orthodox things about human history during her education. She actually investigated everything scientifically in town every night but did not solve the mystery. She talked to her assistants that we should name it like spell breaker in our report. They said actually you hate that kind of thing how can you mention it in the report. Kristen replied you know what just write down Burried Hate! Assistant said I made the mistake in the spelling of Buried! We should keep it as error since this way you and town both win! Kristen asked how do they win? Its like spell error we broke the spell of burying but you hate it so ….(Kristen is way more angry about that sarcasm and leaves them laughing).

Kristen is upset and feels like alone in the mission because her own assistants do not believe in her thinking. She leaves them all for a while to spend time with herself and drives on long roads and meets new bikers on the way from the day off with some good memories of friendships in this time which is rare for her to find in future.

Jeff visits Kristen without prior contact that makes all suspicious that what is going on? Jeff explained to their team that his device and software found sudden variations in satellite signals variations in the area where people live in town with no advanced technology then what is this spike in his graph about the energy from the signals and who is communicating by using waves technology in this time period because in this time, people can use phone satellites, internet or local direct device to device connections to communicate. Whatever we are looking at the screen in my device is not from this time but from our time. While they are discussing this issue someone was sneaking into the talk and made noise and became frightened. Kristen asked who is there? Is there someone? He was one of the guys from the town and he said I don't understand you guys but what I think is that this is the magical curse coming to the town again. Kristen becomes uncontrollable and shouts at him “There is nothing like magic, curse or spell in this world! Would you please shut up for a moment?” man said calmly “Curse is already came in her body and it is shouting at me.” He goes back to the town and tells everyone that we have someone in the town possessed by magic. All people come to see them by holding cross in their hand and candles to heal her from the magic. Jeff surprised and smiled at others by saying this has to be kidding me! We read about this but we are actually watching this. He writes down in the his device that all people have cross and they crossed the limit.

These people are working hard James, Kristen, Jeff where on the other side Jennifer is having fun time by partying in bars, pubs & club. Jennifer actually made her social groups in clubs which she called it X on Max because she told everyone a fake story about her being dumped by a guy and feeling lonely to get sympathy from other girls so can become more friendly and every time they take shots, she says this one is on my X. This thing became so pronounced in the city that everyone knows who is Jennifer. Jennifer opened up to someone in the bar and exposed her identity about traveling from the future. Other girls were shocked then Jennifer said see this is what happens when I am drunk I talk like I am the star from the spaceship and we traveled from other planets...and everyone laughs! Jennifer (to herself) says I can lie even in this drunken situation since who said socialism is easy! Its not that easy to lie to keep secrets! We lie to each other to keep secrets not to hurt them directly so we just do gossiping!

Meanwhile Conan is working with national bio-molecular lab about new stem cell research and enjoying Christmas with science and snow! AI contacted him only for greeting about the Christmas because AI knew Conan has always been the best person according to the data and that's not the reason for greeting him but it actually involves Conan’s contribution to the science made Humanoid a possible technology and its quite helpful to entire world. He celebrates Christmas with the city with his neighbors.

We are back to the James who is spending more time with theater people in LA. He is watching mime actors and find it very funny and having the funny times with them until he finds out someone is taking his pictures and watching him all the time. He confronts the stalker that why are you taking pictures of me? Do you know me? She said yes actually everyone knows you on internet. James asked How? She said Jennifer told us about you guys. James asked again What?. She ran away from him.

Jennifer visits James when she gets alerts from the ship about some monster creature running all over the LA and thinks James would be that monster running all over in LA. Jennifer meets the James and yelled at him that hey you little monster why are you running all over the LA. James asked who said that … and wait what monster? Jennifer said its just that AI from the ship sent me private text about monster running all over the LA so thought it must be you. James surprisingly said no I don't know about that monster and yeah its not me. Jennifer to James “looks like we are going to work as team and we need to do something in advance before we meet that thing” James is actually happy that his boss is working with him as team mate. Jennifer said “Hey, James you take my visa card” James replied Thanks. Jennifer asked “This will work for that coffee shop and they will add caramel too. We need to work and I need coffee and luckily I have you here with me. If you want to drink one then you can use my card too” James (to himself) how did she even know about me? Jennifer said “James do you know I have people watching all over the world on you on internet so I can relax. I actually told my friends that these people cheated and betrayed my trust and if you find one just contact me so I can talk to them” James replied Now I know why you have specialized in social groups and socialism. Jennifer again angrily said yeah. Whatever! This people make better coffee than you! They actually know what they are doing unlike you ….never mind! Find the damn creature and report to me….

James thinks about his whole life as being bullied by everyone in school, college, even by his cousins and now his boss is bullying him and he just wishes if he could just go back in his parents time and change everything ever happened to him so his parents don't meet so he will not have to be born.

(someone knocks him down from the back and he is now unconscious and abducted by someone)

Jennifer (to herself) damn I knew James would have to learn how to even use cards on coffee shops..he is so looser …..

James wakes up and finds out he is with his parents from their young age in the club and its their first day of interaction and James thought someone just fulfilled his wish and now he can stop them from meeting them. We know James can not even do that so what happened is he told everything to his parents that he is their son and came for some mission and his boss is bullying and he is feeling so terrible to be their son and suddenly he found you. Even though they are shocked they tried to calm him down somehow and suddenly parents turns into some form of overlord and tells James that I will change everything bad happened to you including bullied in your life but you have to do something for me. James is excited and asked Tell me what would I be doing for you and overlord even exists. I am happy. Overlord replied Yes they do and if you agree to find Intellectual Humans from anytime you can then I will do erase bad history of you.

James asked what is Intellectual Humans? Overlord said in the far future where AI and only overlords are on the earth there were humans but they are no longer on the earth and its a tragic history for us and unfortunately we can not change this history if we don't find intellectual Humans who are rare super human species in your timeline in which you were born. James said OK I will find and how do I contact you. Overlord laughed you are quite cute and it will be changed too if you find these people.

James again asked but how would I know I found them? Overlord said if you feel like now no one is picking on you and everyone is so happy about you then you have found them and reported us already. Its a time trick. James Asked eagerly Hey why did you choose to pretend my parents? Overlord said You love your parents the most so its easier to connect with your soul.

(James wakes up the club listening gun shooting and people screaming and found it was hallucination or some kind of dream but felt real the shooters just shot him & he blacks out.)

James wakes up in the tunnel with no light but all darkness and walks to find the light and he finds the fire and he feels warm and is voice were echoing too much so figured out that it must be some form of hallucination because he remembered that he was shot so he is either dead or is in coma so he is feeling like this is not even real. He shouts and shouts but no one shows up. Maze like tunnels and he is unable to solve the roads and using fire light he found it first. He is tired of the loop coming back to the spot where he started then he show some one. He found a monk who is well relaxed and highly spiritual balanced looking eye contact with no expression on face. James asked him that who are you and why he is unable to find the way out. Monk replied you are chosen by me to come here and connect with my soul so we can discuss things. James is confused and asked again what did you mean? I am not real and you are not real too. You are just looking the TV star actor from the show I used to watch as a child so these all things are just imaginations from my sub consciousness while I am alive in hospital in comma. Monk laughed and said you are quite smart but you missed one thing. I am aware that I am not real and you are aware that you are not real but we are here because I choose to meet someone who will able to understand what I am going to explain about that unknown cause which made your team to visit this timeline and find the root of the problems. James said are you using the consciousness technology to communicate with others? How? This is even hard in our time to communicate using this technology? How can you do this? Monk expressed to him that everything was planned like him meeting artists, coming in this timeline, seeing unusual things in LA so he could come to this mountain and complete the final tests of his life before becoming something else than whoever he is right now. James asked funnily “Hey look I admire you being monk and doing meditation and being spiritual but none of this real and I will wake up in hospital soon so leave me” Monk left him and said your test begins in the mountain.

James just becomes more angry and shouts loud and loud that somebody kill me so I can wake up in the hospital. No body listens but some some drone bots come and irritates him inside the mountain. James screams loud How the hell drones are flying inside the mountain! Is this because I watched JUMANJI in my school days or what? This hallucination has to stop and I think I will kill my self with this fire and I will burn myself. I studied light-space time and I don’t have light or space or time! I am tired of this mountain. Monk comes back and tells him to relax and calm down. James actually started to listen to him and spent some time there and then monk showed the way out to the wilderness and there he was trained spiritually and physically to survive in the woods and that life. Monk said that this is your last day now and I am going to teach you one thing last and that is how to travel your consciousness through time tunnel to reach anywhere in anytime in an infinite universe. James cracked the joke by saying Please don’t send me in timeline where drones attack me. Monk said this is all controlled by your brain not mine and you were doing time traveling by your AI technology which is something not controlled by you so they can land you anywhere they are programmed to but this is all you so be precise and perfect.

James tried to do the spiritual consciousness walking into the timeline and found him self in the 70s time.

(monk forgot to tell him not to trust anyone with the green eye people during conscious traveling)

James is watching piano player playing some music in the house and his wife is making love to him and makes James feel good to see them loving and then lady asked him why are you sneaking in the house? We will call for police. James explained a lie that he was lost in this town and looking for place to live for some days so he can learn more in this time. She introduced herself as Jane who is serving the house as maid but offered James to stay in her place if he is OK with that?. James actually wanted to be with her because he found her green eyes so much beautiful that he can not resist.

Jane took him with her and than he shared everything about the life and James lied everything then he felt he should tell her the truth but he does not. He rather starts to date with her and falls into love. They become good couples and having the best time of their life but that makes James feel awkward because he realize that this is not even himself but just a consciousness of his soul traveling so none of this would become permanent so he expressed his reality to Jane then Jane was shocked and screamed that get out and don’t come here. You need to see a good doctor not me because you are thinking weird.

James went to the local pub and bitching about Jane with random drunk mates. He is complaining about the love that loving women too much is never enough then that drunken fellow replied Hell yeah who told you to love women too much? Too much is never enough and even enough is not enough for them because they like to stay in mystery of being cared by someone but they should never know that you care about them a lot or love them. James asked why? And how do you know that? That fellow said I used love like you to my wife and I am still loving her but my mistake is that I told her all of these things and now I am here talking to you and she is cheating on me with my boss. James said no kidding. That’s sad. He replied back that you look like nice guy and you should focus more on yourself than this crap of love and drunken buddy like me cause none of this matter to you if you don't know your real self. Trust me I still know me and why I am talking to you.

(James thinking that what am I kidding to because everything is happening as hallucination and I am aware of that too which is making me more confused about the reality out there happening in the hospital I am admitted in.)

(Jennifer is trying to contact James as she gave her card to buy a coffee for her but she found out that he is being shot in the club and now she is talking to all team mates that our little Coffee machine is broken and sent to the hospital)

Kristen, Conan, Jeff, Jennifer all went to the hospital to see if James is OK or what? They all found out that he is actually unconscious for two hours and will be back in any time sooner.

James is actually hard drunken and walking on the street in cold winter watching snow falling on him and feeling like this is not hallucination but the real world where he lives and is drunk because of Jane left him for silly reasons and he is playing with snow flakes around and watches snow flakes are turning into fire and then different elements of the earth and he is actually frightened by that sudden changes in the environment as everything is collapsing and people are screaming that we are having total code red emergency from the government and we are under threat of natural disaster.

(James laughing and talking to himself That is awesome natural disaster in dreams where I traveled from monk’s weird yoga trick and even that was not real as I was shot in the club now what else we are creating my brain. You need to calm down before making up things)

(James wakes up in the hospital and saw everyone around and felt relieved that it was just dream and now he is back to the mission from the future)

(James again sleeps intensely to think of Jane he met and feels like happy to him as none this was real but still it gave him tremors in the hospital and now medications are helping him from the love of tremor)

(Jennifer talks to other members that is it serious or what? And how long he has to stay in bed rest? Doctors had a little chat with Conan that he still needs to get bed rest for 1 month. Jennifer is asking Kristen to bring Coffee for her.)

Moonlight hides this ………………………………….

Moonlight was supposed to enlighten this

James wake up well prepare to head for the mission with the team mates. Everyone has observed and corrected everything on this time period and heading back to the ship. Jennifer collects all the reports from everyone and submits the data in AI and sending to the main authority for verification about the timeline study. AI analyzed everything but unable to sent further as she said everyone there is no longer exists but just you five are alive and sent a recorded video from their training master. They said it was not their training but actual real mission to save the balance of the human species which are about to vanish in few hours and they need to find intellectual humans a code for rare super humans created by humanoid and humans to achieve the higher race for mankind. In emergency protocols, they have been transferred to other place which is hidden in the plain sight in the invisible space plane where no one has ever entered but one has to pass some tests to find this and then they discover the plane and then the intellectual Humans.

(everyone is shocked and sad because no one ever thought this could be their mission to save human race and they are all arguing loud about what can be done and how to find this intellectual humans just in one hour as we have no time and if we don't find it then entire human race gets disappear from the roots and invaded by unknown living beings)

Jennifer gets attentions of all and tells them guys don't worry its under my control now. James replied angrily look at you boss this is not joke we are talking about life and death so this has to be Conan’s lead not yours because you are joke. Jennifer interrupts him by saying I know you hate me for making you coffee but you will thank me later after years for this but this is not funny & I know its life and death but hey you got to trust me because I have that skill to find anything from anywhere even in any plane so then you all deal with other stuff but I can find them if they even exists. And hey don't you think why they made me your boss even though I am doing nothing. Just Keep thinking, you will never know. I am actually good workaholic lady but I thought this as vacation from my work not life and death so now we are back to work and going to find those people.

They all crossed some sorts of dimensions and reached in different world and thought this is the place they will find what they are looking for. They were wrong and it was a trap by inter-galactic aliens who were waiting for these five to come and then kill them. Everyone tried their best but unfortunately only James was alive till the end and meets the lord of overlord whom he calls monster at first.

James: “who are you and why did you kill all of the human race but not me?”

It replied: “You can call me overlord or god or Super Human AI”

James: “OK! I call you overlord”

Overlord replied: “Did you remember that we met in the magical club where you have been shot and you were regretting things?”

James: “Yeah! Actually I do but how did you know this as this was not even real!”

Overlord: “You see...You think its not real but you are certain that right now we are talking is real?”

James: “No I am not! Don’t play with my brain just tell me what is real now?”

Overlord: “The thing you met in dream was overlord and right now we are talking is not real because I created overlord to get hidden messages from your mind”

James: “You created overlord? So you are the god, the one who created all of the universe”

Overlord: “No and laughs. Explaining you this thing is going to be tough so for now I could only say that you have been doing tasks for me so I can take your final test and that is just one question if you can answer that!?”

James: “OK! But where are the Intellectual Humans anyway?”

Overlord: “Did you remember the monk who told you in the mountain not to trust green eyed people in your journey and yet you trusted Jane and fell in love with her but she is actually one of the hybrid being from organisms from snake, lizard and AI from Humanoids. Tell me what did she tell you when you were listening man playing the piano with his wife?”

James: “I should not say this because you should know all of these if you designed the dream and made me do tasks so I think….”

(He stopped because someone came into the ship and it was Jane with complete different look and James could not believe her as some sort of creature)

Jane kills the overlord and every other overlords and now she talks to James

James is crying and telling her that I am sorry I loved you but I didn't want to love you but just felt right and just happened and I lied to you and you lied to me too so we are even but now you look powerful and I am afraid.

Jane laughs at him and says “He was not overlord but actually the monster creature from the other space who was using you to find the roots of our generations as you have been studying space-light-time so you must know.”

James: “Alright! Then who are intellectual Humans?”

Jane laughed: “we just found one!”

James: “what do you mean by just found one?”

Jane: “you are the one of the intellectual Humans and I was created to protect you from these monster species in times to times so I followed you and lied about falling in love with you”

James: “so all these time you were lying about loving me?”

Jane: “Seriously James! That’s what you get it from my talking to you? I said you are the one of the many we are going to explore! Remember this and never tell anyone because now you will wake up in hospital and don't do stupid things just observe surrounding then interact with people because everything is different than you were expecting as this is still your consciousness...Don’t ask more and yeah don’t forget to meet the couples on the rooftop in full moonlight.”

James: “OK! I can crack the joke right? Do you believe in ILLUMINATI? Because all of the things happened in my head is also in your head but no one will remember so what is the purpose of burning so much brain calories?”

Jane: “LOLL! Just wake up You will see”

(James wakes up and remembered only moonlight and finding couples who will tell him the entire truth...Jennifer comes to visit James and turns out James is the boss and Jennifer is serving coffee to him for so longer and somehow James felt sorry for Jennifer and told her not to make coffee now on wards but just bring water)

(Jennifer also has the assistant and she talked to her that looks like accident changed James because he said sorry for all those craps he doing to me….)

(Jennifer asked to her assistant would you please make coffee better than yesterday?)

(her assistant replied that your boss is changed but you are still that cocky to me)

(Jennifer: “oh poor baby! No I am not cocky its just a custom or ritual for working with me! You know what you guys are lucky because you are only serving coffee.)

(her assistant: “what do you mean by that only coffee and what is custom?

(Jennifer: “Never mind… Welcome to THE HOLLYWOOD)

James is going home after the paper work from the hospital and he is reading something strange on the paper because it says James thank you so much for your efforts but now you are healed completely ready for new things which will guide you to butterfly & the name of the hospital is Illuminate Care Center)

[…After the Story…]

Jennifer (meanwhile to her assistant): “Why did Conan never complain about anything?”

Assistant: “He must have good boss in the past who treated him better than you have been treated!”

Jennifer: “No way..!You think I am treating you bad?. This is nice of me. You will never believe how it is like to start in acting in old days?”

Assistant: “So apart from this story, are we aware that story has ended already and this is we talking about reality. Right?

Jennifer: “Yeah...and serving coffee was just the tip of the iceberg for much has changed for you guys ….lucky you.”

James: “Hey guys, I am the boss of all of you and look at me what am I doing?”

Jennifer: “Nothing … far as I know “

James to her assistant: “Look at you really think anyone can even make her serve water even in old days? I was the one who was serving to her even I was the boss and I am the boss”

Assistant laughs and: “True that..She is little special so gets special treats from everyone.”

James: “Directing is not that easy..So tell me about the story you were writing..we might make movie out of it if it is good”

Assistant: “I don’t know..i have to ask Jennifer’s permissions before showing to anyone.”

James: “Not only you.. even I have to take her permissions”

Both were laughing and Conan stopped by and said: “Stop bitching about Jenn…. She might be listening by bug device because she is that clever.. I didn't add that part of her character in the story for fun only. She did that to me before but I had never talked about her to anyone so I was saved by myself”

James to Conan: “tell me about that serving coffee to everyone that real or just for fun?”

Conan: “Its quiet complicated to say yes or no because so many people are working in here, some did have to serve something like that or serve something else to get into the industry or they have to work for free for few years but its just the movies...They are all different or same according to people you have met.”

James: “I might make movie out of it”

Conan: “I am not judging you but did you ask to Jennifer about this?”

Everyone laughed and left the place.

Jennifer (talking to someone on call): “See did you listen that?? They are talking about me….so I am the boss..That is so awesome..”

Someone from the unknown number called her: “Hey I know You are having an affair with the Director”

Jennifer(Laughing really loud): “Who ….James …. Not in a million years...(and disconnects)”

Jennifer to herself: “Do pizza delivery guys make movies anyway?… no and I am not having an affair and it was just one time...”

Jane came from the behind

Jennifer: "Guess...Who's here?? Lol you are only on the artwork picture and butterfly sits on your lip.. I think butterfly cut your role to this small...but I bet this is more important than ours...ours' is just funny but you have some alien creature kindaa thing going on..ha ha

Jane: "Will see then.... In next stories may be!(for god sake didn't you remember other 13-15 people who didnt even have dialogues!)

Jennifer: "Its not about how much you are going to act but its about how well you act even in small roles just to justify the whole team work without being worried about REPUTATION."

This is the reason I said gems for the Intellectual Humans ;)

Never Judge too soon..... Next is the underwater sea and simplicity with classical ……..

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Here is one of the Music I did not choose to release in the work because of the story changes

Portrait Of Contrast

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