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Space Bounded Earth Energy
Translated Pauses

😏🔐 James is really worried about the recent situations at the workplace because he is having workplace crisis and in need of new crew member so puts up the advertisement in the ad agency! He is going through all the applications being filled up by people to find out to whom he can hire or buy contract for the company.

😎🎭 (narrator - “This character is still the same as the last story but this time he is actually looking for new cast & he is still the director of the company but due to problems in daily lifestyle changes, he has no idea how to handle things digitally or what to do because he has so many pending things upcoming but ceased by the virus.”)

😓🖇 He is reading bio & stories from all of the new writers then got the one he liked a lot so called up & arranged the meeting at his house since production set was not a good idea to have chat or meeting for hiring a new cast & crews.

😕✍ (narrator - “Writer included everyone who can help or assist or do any form of contribution to the new work they are planning for”)

✅⏳ James selected the guy who's name is Gabriel and writes screenplay and full documentaries but he actually sent him the fictional drama comedy which was not that great but way better than other applicants.

🆕 (narrator - “Gabriel is introducing him” )

📞 Meanwhile James got a call from his past casts & crews from intellectual humans!

📢 (narrator – “James asking everyone how they are doing. Everyone was there except Jeff & Jennifer. They all had virtual meeting setup in conference so they wanted to see if James can turn on video of him hiring a new member as live feed so they all decided to keep that secret without telling the Gabriel”)

James – “Hey, Where is your mask ?😐”
Gabriel – “No I did not write anything for that movie!😛”
James - “ I am talking about the face mask! Please keep your distance and tell me the story don't throw away virus from your breath 😖”
Gabriel – “😯Oh I see! I thought you are talking about that green mask movie know that funny green man....😬green mask...that's funny that we are talking about that but i think you don't look happy or laughing so i am putting on my regular mask so don't worry!😷”

😦 (narrator - “ James is asking the guy if he wants anything to drink before they begin anything like purple juice, tea, coffee or perhaps lemonade ;) and going for tea in the kitchen by being sarcastic to him. Ellen is calling him to shutdown the video feed because she though watching this conversation without consent is not a good work ethics but James said ‘we already have mentioned those consent things in the forms so we can do anything and we are not bullying him this is just to get opinions from all of you how we should do for further’ Ellen is trying to talk but everybody is shouting at the back and having mask party!”)

😜 James - “ Tell me about you how you ended up like this ;D”

😟 Gabriel – “Sorry ??”

🎹 James - “ Never-mind Just tell me whats your story for today ? Surprise me bro.”

💡💞 Gabriel – “The story is about mysterious love story from the fictional mix......”

😂 James - “:D hahaha wait that was not sarcastic joke then my bad in your bed don't shed or fed just head for the mad.....that's funny right!..but you are not smart to understand my joke! Ignore me ”
😕 Gabriel - “ Are you always like this or this is just special treat for me ?”
😎 James - “ Take it easy ! I m trying to chill your mood.”
😇 Gabriel - “ This story is about real person who is a friend of mine.”
😁 James - “ And that friend is you....hey please don’t bring old fashioned love stories like that at-least not when you are talking to me...”

(narrator😈 - “ James is thinking that this story is going to involve him while he is describing but he is going to keep that with himself”)

😲 Gabriel - “ Story starts within the little town where creator is writing new things only in his mind ....”

(narrator😈 – “James excused him and acting like he has got call from someone but connecting with the Ellen; Ellen – ‘Hey James....You are still not beginning...saw you both ....i mean i am still watching you ...look at that idiot .....poor boy....and you...stop man....hire someone or let me tell you my story....’ James – ‘what do you mean.......just tell everyone that i got an idea because this guy has weird story or not but i m going to make it watch closely because you will be hired back.....’ everyone at the back – ‘hell.....😅....yeah......keep rocking man.........we are with you.....whatever you do...’ James – ‘Are you guys drunk or what?...😁... Ellen – ‘Guess what?..alcohol is not the killer anymore...😉....’”)

😕 James - “ So Gabriel your story begins in someone’s head right?”

😖 Gabriel - “ Inside the mind of the creator, he is visiting the show director to tell him the new story he wrote”

😜 James - “ :D hahahah... what...????even this ain't a joke man....i know what you are trying to recreate this scene as present in your story ...I think i need to refill my coffee!”

😓 Gabriel - “ You better have one for me because you are trying to give me some headaches”

(narrator – “James is again going back to call Ellen and how was he doing ? Ellen replied that he is new so take it easy on him.... James - ‘ hey i am not asking about him ...i am asking you about me whether i was good in job interviews?’ Ellen - 'Looks like job seeker is not nervous but you' 😀”)

😊 James - “ Did you bring your dog here?? because i herd some noise”
😊 Gabriel - “ I only have one but i did not bring him here.”
😊 James - “ You should have one because i love dogs”
😊 Gabriel - “ I already have little house for him in my backyard”
😤 James - “ No can’t keep him out there in cold in this winter.”
😟 Gabriel – “Sorry i have that in my living room”

😩 (narrator- “Everyone at the back is confused ......what is happening now .....why they are talking about dogs suddenly .....we thought this should be story with the funny jokes but this is going boring like they are chatting ....shut the video off please.....someone who got high on something is shouting loud ‘🤬hey don't you dare to touch the button ....i dare you....they are having love.......what is love.......this is love..🤠 see love..🤢 is very deep...🤫..meaningful Ellen – ‘🤦hey Jude, please punch this man on the face and let him sleep....hey you should sleep.......’ )

🥁 James - “ we should talk about the story you wrote but i have new plan after knowing you more. What if i tell you the story & you continue or join your ideas like collab.....this will be a challenge for you and me....what do you say?”

🏋 Gabriel - “ Yeah....I am down for anything man!”

🌧 James - “ Don t start singing that song............:D ”

🌪 Gabriel - “ :D ha ha No ....”

🌟 James - “ Hey, this is the first joke we laughed together....we should start focusing on this story!”

👎 (narrator - “ By the way Nobody laughed.....this is where we laugh....🏓”)

🏄 Gabriel acting like a director and feels like he is hiring James - “ Tell me what is your story for me ? Surprise me”

🎯 James laughing and - “ I know what is happening there but that's OK ....its really OK to be OK here! :D . I hope you hire me sir Gabriel. Nobody is boss and nobody is employee for this moment....forget those differences we create for professionalism”

🍻 Gabriel – “I did not even feel like you are the boss ! ;D”

🍩 James - “ I have friendly nature with everyone and do you know one day what h append ...this is the time before the corona virus.....they are talking.......”

🍨 (narrator – “😖Ellen is so much pissed off....hey guys please turn the volume down......we need to talk.... Jude – ‘😕are we running out of food??? because i already ordered pizza for everyone....’ Ellen – ‘no ......did you see James....he is going off the topic 😒 and creating chat story or something like love story in emojis if you add any you know what i am talking about....😣’ Jude – ‘hahaha ;D. Let them have good time to know eachother.’ Ellen – ‘🚁This is not dating job.....ssshhhhh....don't laugh.....someone is sensitive here....’ drunk man shouted ‘i have that toothpaste.......don't sell that here ....i already bought it..’ Ellen – ‘Jude....what did i tell you....did you punch him like sucker punch or not??? perhaps mix some sleeping pills in his drink..... Jude - 'We cant mix, we dont have rights.🤓.i am talking about human rights.🦂' Ellen - 'Human rights for this drunken 🤪 🤣.... ”)

🥂 Gabriel – “We can use that idea i have about the man trying to escape from the traps created by .......”

🥛 James - “ No not that....This looks like our beginning sucks in the story telling since we did not even introduced characters or any plot or something like blueprint”

(narrator🤡 - “ Everyone – ‘🤦 hahaha :D. This is where they should laugh and look at those idiots . They both are smiling on this line....’blueprint of what.......they are builders or what.........”)

🤛 Gabriel - “ I get that... blueprint of the building blocks we are creating for the outlines of the story”

😷 James - “ Lets get that going....”

🙆🚘 James - “ First of all, I forgot to tell you about how to tell a story as you know we don't just start story like once there was a guy or once there was a anything.....we use emotional factors like explain them that they are actually becoming the character you are talking need to learn that from me...”

🔥🚒💺💂🖤 Gabriel - “ Alright....But i did not even start telling the story so how can you judge my way of expression?”

🗒🗣 James - “ Look , I am your senior and I know everything....You sent me your writing ....hope you did not forget that”

(narrator 🕎- “128334 Usually we start different ways and there is no judgement from him but something else is going on ...........its not what you think which is happening but something else” Ellen – ‘🔐🔏🔓who is narrating the story being nice or sweet....they don't care at all....people judge and call everything garbage as long everyone is watching them...🔍”)

🕯 James -“Once upon the time when the dark apocalypse surprised everyone with the darkest energy from the unknown origin just hit the little town which is located so far away from Paris.”

🕸 Gabriel - “ Hey You said Once upon a time and how can we start story like using this town far away from newyork.....nothing looks like little town near or far far near Paris....we can use Vegas....”

🕺 James - “ See my emotions ...try to feel what i m feeling ....forget the details it does not matter once upon or twice upon.....Paris ....Vegas...or any city that you want to mention......use names which are not too much popular...”

😎 Gabriel -“And James in the story is you as you are here ? or the character from the last story of yours ?”

🚢 James - “ Well ....that is the same character i am using for this story”

🚫 (narrator - “ James talking to Gabriel like whispering......hey can you hear the whisper????? don't react too much ...i need to tell you something other casts are watching this from the secret camera setup so....just don't react....tell me can you hear the whisper all across the room???...sorry not the has to be very down and low....can you hear the whisper....?? so i created this whole scenario with you like m boring them all in the background....some of them will leave by now ...Gabriel -‘can you hear my whisper....🤔??? why are you trying to bore them?’ James – ‘you don't know them....some of them might be creating live shows right now just by using our script or mismatch or arranging them in their way...anyways..forget them ....we should just focus ....’)

🛶 James - “ Lead the story in your way”

🛸🌌 Gabriel – “No more fun..Imagine there is darkness everywhere ....James is being struck by dark lightening in the middle of the night...James became dizzy and unconscious.”

� James - “ So James got struck by that Christmas light then ..”

😅 (Everybody who is watching from the live feed – ‘Oh my Oh.....that's the joke.....joke joke....’)

🌩 Gabriel - “ No This is about dark lightening coming from the sky....light is still light but dark red energy mixed and when he tried to wake up he felt really out of balance .Now he is trying to figure out about what just happened! So he is talking to himself How did i end up in this forest ? Walking more & more to find the end of the forest but feels like this forest is not ending at all!

❔ James - “ Did he find the roads or stuck in the forest ?”

❣ Gabriel - “ He is still walking and found the road end. He actually thought someone would drive by in the midnight so took rest for a while then got thirsty...”

❎ James - “ Do You know what you don't know how to tell the story but keep going”

❗ Gabriel – “What did i do wrong?”

🌍 James - “ You should say something like ..from the hard efforts of his constant trial and failures to find the bright destination of his way back home to the life”

Gabriel - “ He got struck by dark light and then travelled in the forest then he walked like 10 miles to reach the roads. This is it. He is watching no one is there so kept faith and walked like broken dreams and don't dream that its over! You can never find the home now those are the voices from the dark whispers.He did find one small store at the cross roads.When he went inside there was no human but humanoid man who looked like human but artificial reality.He still took the food & water for free as they had rules for human life emergency when they can take something for survival in the journey.Tragedy is not in the store.After finishing his meal he took he headed walking on road.There are three branches next to his destination and he has no idea in which way he should start walking!”

〽 (narrator - 'Ellen -'If you get struck by lightening then call 911 or if you cant then when you wake up try that or you might die...did you guys hear that?')

✌ James – “So James found fake store with fake people selling real things and he got that for free but three branches for the destination but only one James....whats he going to do now?”

✝ Gabriel – “He actually choose to go from the first but after a mile there are more three branches and in every branches there are more three branches because he tried all of the roads to find but dead ends.After going back & forth so many times he found a branch inside these insane crazy branch o the road there was a tunnel which lead him to the beautiful green land he could never believe.That was just like heaven so much bright and beautiful.We can only see animals and birds there.There are no humans.”

✋ James - “ Finally he actually found the best of the best place on the planet but he is still not on way to home”

❄ Gabriel -“Yup ! Unfortunately he is still in wonderland of bright lights from the beautiful nature with night fireflies wondering around every nights and he felt so overwhelmed by that and created his little forest house and started living there! Sadness began when he realized all the time he is still not on his way to home but stuck in this fake happy land.”

⛄ James - “ Why do you call this land a fake happy land it was so beautiful wonderland with no humans but just birds and animals?”

⛷ Gabriel - “When he did not find any way to home he decided to go all the way back to the cross roads to try other branch in the hope of getting at-least one way home! He is doing everlastings as he did earlier but at the end he finds the same things again.Now last hope is in the last branch of the road so he is going through third branch of the road where no new changes but same things again happening but in that beautiful paradise there is a girl who looks like shadow of someone.”

✒ James - “ But that guy James who tried all the things from all the branches of the roads finally found someone in this weird reality in which he is trapped like from those fake humanoid experiences to the paradise forest and at last a girl with the shadow.”

💃🙃 Gabriel -“Yup, this is not just a girl with the shadow but had pink bright halo and glowing so much which created fear in James to even go and talk.He had no choice and he went to initiate the conversation!”

(narrator - “ Ellen – ‘everybody..🙀...did you find anything which we can modify for our theme...????...we don't even have whom i m kidding....we don't have theme....its just comedy......’ drunk guy ‘hell are right Hitler.......we don't have that....but don't stop believing....’ Ellen – ‘🙅 don't you throw yourself from this window.......i don't like you.....and what is Hitler ......?’ Jude - ‘ never-mind ...he was watching world war movies yesterday.🙄.....looks like memory you need any story or scripts because we have some for our know that...we are not using that because we don't have investor for the story..’ Ellen – ‘OK....give me that ....don't worry you have your investor ....nobody will know your name...;)’ )

🛏 James -“What if that girl is going to kill him like monster hidden behind that bright pink halo??”

🚶 Gabriel - “He thought about that but he already felt like he is dead so he has nothing to loose because he is dead already in his mind.”

😶 James - “ So this James is now got to talk to this girl to get help or even the worst....what if she was trapped and became a shadow after years passed and ended up immortal shadow in the beautiful land”

😷 Gabriel - “No No No No.... that sounds weird ....”

😴🕳 (narrator - Ellen -‘look..what is happening....he felt weird just now.....what were they doing from the beginning ?’ Tiffany – ‘i mean this is actually better for fictional because that has some dark energy light kinda thing hitting on man’s head....and trapped in road branch loops....finding a shadow girl......feels like now something love or romance is coming ...just listen him...’ Ellen - 'ah hitting on man sound like you want to hit on him!!!!😉'that drunk man – ‘hello everyone thank you so much for your love and i accept your award’ Ellen(laughing) – ‘what is this man ???.......award for what??....hey what did you watch after world war movies? and award?? leave this room now....don't come here.....go ...go....go..’ thank the way how can you know the difference of which James they are talking about because there two is in the story where one is actually telling the story or asking the story or just talking......this does feel like they are just talking and we are just talking story is here...😂)

📛 James -“How would even James know that this is not a threat?”

📡 Gabriel – “James is sharing how he came there and asked how she could help him to find a way out from there?. They both spent hours on that hill where she was standing and appeared as shadow. Girl was not any ordinary one but..”

📵 James – “Real thing is that i was feeling real bad in this fake reality where i am trapped with no one to talk or no one to share but found you so told you. Can you help me or not to find way out?”

📶 Shadow girl - “ Do you remember anything that how did you come here and what is the last thing you remember? You were praying to god about you want to visit the heaven when you were sleeping. Don t panic or freak out because you will break our connections.Even you are not real, you are sleeping and in the dream of the things you have asked me in your prayer. I am telling this because we are going to do something just to help you out in your life. You have to jump with me from the hill. Trust me this wont feel anything at all.”

🔯 James – “Wait..what do you mean by helping me in my life ? You could just simply do it without jumping from this hill. Wake me up there so this reality will break then you can help me because i can not jump...look ..this is not a good looking height for me...i don't know how to swim...please have mercy...”

👌 Shadow girl – “This is what we call consciousness cleaning stages before reaching to the gate of the dimension we are crossing. We don't have enough time because you are trying to wake up”

🧗 James - “ See i am stronger so i am trying to wake up because i can survive by waking up.”

🤫 Shadow girl - “ you are not brave but scared from jumping. Lets dive in think of as like a thrilling experience in night inside paradise”

🤣 (narrator – “Finally they are jumping from the edge after James try to choose various edges for proper height satisfaction. James took a lot time to take the leap. Real James who is the director having story talking with this Gabriel is feeling angry because Gabriel put James as scared guy so they are having little argument on those thing for changing that part while on the other side where everybody is watching these from the live feed video are betting on unusual things. Ellen – ‘anyone wants to bet for what if shadow girl will be revealed as god?’ Jude - ‘ i think shadow girl looks like hidden monster or devil playing with his mind’ Tiffany - ‘ i am going to say this shadow girl is angel for James like real guides from spiritual world’ Ellen - ‘ Tiffany you do watch lot of movies...anyways we are betting this all lets see who wins...losers have to pay for pizza...’ someone is knocking on the door.....Ellen opened the door and it was the drunk guy.... drunk guy – ‘hey let me come in...look i bought pizza for all of us...’ Jude - ‘ we got the pizza.....yeeyyy’ Ellen – ‘yah and the looser...alright come on can stay only if you talk less’ )

James – “you talked about jump but this water is so freaking cold......but hey i am swimming and more than that i am alive in dream.. wait......something insect like is biting me on my legs...feels like electric bite.”

👁 shadow girl – “I see that ...that's a jelly fish....”

👶 James – “god what.....not jelly fish...its like group of jelly fishes...m feeling dizzy please don't let me die.....”

👯 shadow girl – “This guy is so dumb...”

👣 (narrator - “jellyfish made James unconscious and shadow girl is taking him more at the bottom of the river to let him die....Ellen - ‘ see ...shadow girl is not angel because she is killing him.....and drowning him to the bottom’ Jude – ‘ so me you looses the bet....we are losers..’ Ellen – ‘don't be sad...we have pizza and the looser so ignore for this bet is ....we will get new character in next conversation’ )

🌛🚘 James - “ waking up in my this does not look like my bed ...i am inside the car....oh shit...who are you....freaking so beautiful....I can see you forgot to put on clothes.....i like that”

shadow girl revealed – “Did you see yourself?”

😀 James – “where are my clothes? :( :( . ...OK so i get just wanted to have this time with me so we jumped from the hill ...i like this technique of approach... “

😏 shadow girl revealed - “ No .......stop staring at my..... when i tell you to give me heart just give me and we will jump from the car.....”

💓 James -” which heart ....i have glowing little heart in my hands and m nude with you in the backseat.......why your eyes turned into hearts from dark black....?🤩”

Shadow girl revealed – “why are you asking so much....don't ask.....i am not what you think i am.....we did not jump down....jump was on the sky.....look like water were in the other switched to this world through sky..🏙”

🏙 🎼 James – “so i am from the world where we have water that connects to the world of yours which is sky....water to the sky. :D look i though i jumped in river but i jumped to the sky.”

🎳 shadow girl revealed – “You are doing everything...i am just doing my job as i am told to do....please don't look into eyes of anyone while we drive ...they might be scary or get scared from you.”

🌩 James - “i can use helmet ....because i cant stop looking at know me...look how do i look nude in helmet....?”

🌤 shadow girl revealed - “ how did you get that't be stupid....that looks bad...take that out,,,,,,,,,,,,,,”

🌞 James – “take it easy ....chill...m trying to have fun with you”

(narrator - “ James the director felt like this is going to twist the story into new he let gabriel finish the story without his help....Ellen is calling James ....’hey man...what are you guys talking ?do you hear yourself?i mean..guy was in the forest....then confused by awkward road branches then he felt complications in the forest...i mean then you just added that shadow girl jumping with him in water???... water is connected to sky and two worlds....i don't remember all but this was tough for me to remember ....anyways....did you have enough coffee??? you might need one....’ James – ‘he is new writer so i don't want to correct him too much but just let him tell his way...’ Ellen – ‘lets be nice the...we are just betting on things you guys are talking ....and guess who is winning..’ James - ‘i knew that drunk man is good at betting...cheers’ Ellen – ‘:D no ...he is sleeping again.....Tiffany is winning two bets.....OK bye’ Ellen to all – ‘ bet is on James and shadow girl is making out or not ?....i go for yes....’ Jude ‘no way ....’ Tiffany – ‘no no no ....not in this situation’ Ellen – ‘lets see...’”)

🌄 Shadow girl – “This is why i told you to look down...don't look into eyes of the people you see because for you , you are travelling against gravity so you will see we are driving on the sky but this is not what it looks like...”

✈ James - “ :D what...this is the same as what we feel in flights”
(narrator – “Ellen – ‘i am not watching this anymore...look at him...he is so dumb....we got the joker in the car.....hey drunk man....seems like you have got new friend.... ;D’”)

☔ shadow girl – “no more questions or answers ...we are not doing Q & A here... do you know we are travelling through two dimensions and you are being dumb and funny wont help us”

James - “ There are actually more than two dimensions but dont want to hurt your feelings..hahaahha Lets dive drive drive out from this...”

shadow girl - 'Look these are two envelope dimensions interconnected with the bridge and one envelope has all dimensions you can dream of...are you done making dumb jokes?'
⏳ (narrator – “They both crashed the car and did not die and James the director who is trying to find at-least even something good in this so he may use or work around. Gabriel is talking about how you want to end the story what if they both wake up somewhere in real life in their house...James – ‘so what is the end and what is the title for your story perhaps for your talking? Ellen – ‘They are still that is why they are busy all the time and we thought they are working or doing some heart-work....but they are just talking not caring at all’ that drunk man - ‘ hey everyone good evening.........i am always free for asking how you doing....hey am always free to talk.....m free to talk ...m down .....m down....m down.....i can rap.....i can ye ye yo yo yeyeyyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeeyeyyeye......hip hop hip me on my radio red love spicy food fire fire fire fire...... yo yo yo yo......yo yo yo yo.....checkmate check check check......mate mate....tempo tempo m driving my tempo my tempo my tempo ....heyyyyy tempo mm Mnkbjhuihva’ Ellen – ‘ you even hear your self out?????what is this....?free or down for talking???...who is talking to you?? what is the last word????’...Jude ‘feels like he is not thinking straight....’ Ellen – ‘i bet he can not......he cant walk straight too’ Tiffany – ‘we are talking about some story and why this man is bringing topic with no head or tail connections????’ Ellen – ‘you misunderstood....he is drunk.....exceptions’ Gabriel – ‘I have few questions but i wont ask a thing...when the car crashed ..James forgot everything but girl wakes up in her house and calling someone ..but we can name this as ‘where should we go when we fall asleep?’ James is laughing and leaving the room....he is going to have refill coffee but got a call from his friend ....she is talking to him – ‘hey i got a weird dream in which i was a shadow girl and trying to get the heart .. ;D. James – ‘are you doing prank on me or what???did you watch the live video feed?. She replied – ‘no what are you talking about ??i gotta go bye.’”)

James is going back with extra coffee for Gabriel but he got shocked .....hey man.....what is this a magic trick or what ....don't scare me now come back and put this shadow man away from me.....hey can you talk....look .....m not in the mood for comedy....

Gabriel – ‘I can explain everything but first you need to calm down.......m not real...i am just the shadow talking with you and no body is listening to you from the back..this is just me and you all the time one one one conversation....’

James - “ no no ....stop that prank this some science trick then man.....this is no fun...”

(narrator – ‘Gabriel turned into real shadow man in front of him and James is fainting and Gabriel is trying to explain about how shadow and energy science is working here but before he explained he just fainted and woke up & found there is no one. He felt like it might be a dream and remembered a call from his friend who had a dream of herself as a shadow. He is calling Ellen - ‘ hey Ellen....did we talk today???’ Ellen – ‘you just called me ....right now we are talking after a week’ James – ‘OK sorry i will tell you later...need to go’)

James is calling Jeff - “ what supp? We found one intellectual human and she is a girl..”

Jeff – “did anyone know anything that we were told to ?”

James – “No.they have no idea what they are dealing with. Did you find anyone?”

Jeff - “ I have one guy here and he is doing his best.”

James – “what is his deal?? is he the one ?”

Jeff - “ I cant tell you much but he solved everything that we needed to but he is facing struggle about love bug in the system.”

James – “what is his result on that?”

Jeff - “He is too far from the things we need. I don't think he can solve this”

James – “Jennifer gave you that package for you?”

Jeff - “That guy just said that this problem is because of the shadow girl falling on the sky”

James – “Can he explain that?”

that guy - “ No one is falling or rising to anywhere but just your mere illusions on things which you can not see beyond your vision. Bug is not the bug and fall is not the fall but just the little switch to other reality.Actually there is a girl who sent you something here which was the reason for love bug but that bug is needed to freeze this moment to find new hidden binaries. I don't know much because i m just beginning.”

Jeff – “we herd enough. Join us”

James - “ Everything is done & we have got two people”

(narrator - “ Illuminati is talking to the mystery boy – ‘How would you like the story i showed you just in one minute?’ mystery boy – ‘how did you do this and this is not the story’ Illuminati – ‘we are in space and you have been travelling back and forth to these places. This is only to find out if you don't get in anyone’s subconscious mind while passing near them as a light’ mystery boy – ‘so what do you want me to do now?how am i related to this thing?’ Illuminati – ‘this is for you to learn something and find hidden mistakes and create new story from those mistakes they did.’ mystery boy ‘ I can try but this was not real right? Did you use some computer magic or what? Because how in one minute?’ Illuminati – ‘you have no idea how space time and earth is related! Anyways I created them so i know you can do this’ mystery boy – ‘Now free me to the earth’)

Mystery boy is walking alone on the road and wondering about what just happened and that was so much. He is trying to make fun of everything as a joke still did not get any idea.Finally he is standing in line in the coffee shop.

Mystery boy - ‘ Can i have the coffee please?’

Sales girl - ‘ wait .....let me get that for you.’

he is leaving and that sales girl calling to her friend – ‘Hey we found the Wizard i saw in my dream’

Mystery boy (in his mind) - ‘What if i start analyzing everything he showed it me and find all the mistakes then....let me just drink this coffee first...wait?? what is this on the coffee cup ....why does this look odd to me? so they have label of my name but what is this note...I can read that later because i find trouble reading doctor’s handwriting....she was just selling a coffee..’ Mystery girl who is working in coffee shop who talked with James about her dream is calling James again- ‘ Hey, Do you want me to tell you the story in which i saw a guy trapped in the giant tree and can not find a way out of it from any branches but i had to help him by becoming the shadow!...there are seven jellyfishes flying in the sky and they are not threat....’ James interrupting - ‘No need to explain things on phone call because to tell the story you must have to start like a story and if you have time then start from the beginning or just set up the meeting so we can discuss your story.’
(narrator - ‘Ellen - ‘Hey Everyone, i just had a call with James & his new crew guess what?. we were talking shit in the background just like right now we are having one! one thing is changed there is no drunk man here. Paul - ‘I wonder why he even mention that!’ Ellen - ‘I don’t know about that but you are not in the story and here you are talking with us. We have the script copy...hey Jude... read this....find mistakes in writing and create ours by making sarcastic comments on his writing or story telling because we need to see your creativity.Tiffany - ‘so we are more than 20 people here and story only has few characters.’ Ellen - ‘Dear, do you really see everyone on camera who have worked for your play? Jennifer - 'So this is how you do chat story because all the time i thought that was for fun...'' Ellen-'No sarcasm'’)