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Music Production

This is just the way of our production works so it may vary with other`s style of work but hey at the end result(of the music composition) matters

So basically, I am going to explain about how it is easier to write a music or produce a soundtrack once you have your original idea in your brain because that thing can never be taught like how you can write more original music with different categories of work.

Although that trend following thing would never keep you out of the box but will make you in the flow of work which is why I say its not a bad thing to start with but always find your own uniqueness in things you do so it will lead you to the destiny.

Again if whatever you do it makes you more better human being than yesterday then dont stop doing it.(You are the only one society to you when it comes to work)

Just thought of writing something


Musicians do create two/three ways for music production 1)(Human made)Physical instruments playing - Realtime Hd Recordings - Mastering 2)(human made)DAW - Digital music notes playing - In-built sound recorder in DAW - Mastering 3) using mixed method of combining both in own comfortable way etc (The methods can be various because its an art so infinite posiblities according to individuals but still these are most often used methods )

Now I will Show you how music is produced in my way

What do I need?

Basic music knowledge

Emotional Factor

Creative tools like Notes producer(Musescore -open source but there are many)

Wave editor (Audacity)

Mastering tools(Any DAW (Ableton live/fl studio etc))

For example I am creating very simple chords progression with ambient mix to show you only my way of productions

I am using Musescore notaion here for example which is open source - free so yo can play with it.

Choose your Instruments

Choose Instruments

Showing you an simple chords example here

Selecting piano because we want to make chords progression here

Choose Instruments

Most important is which key of the track you want to be in so it should be according to your own theme so I am using C major as an example with the tempo little slow(90)

Choose Instruments

If you dont know then keep it as default but I am changing measures which will decide your music bar numbers so we can know how long the track duration is being composed.

Choose Instruments

This is how your screen looks when you start anything from the scratch for music writing.It shows your instruments , bars ,time signature , music key etc . On the left they have most important things so you better learn all those basics from someone(or byself by internet research studies) before you jump in. Usually people like to do this writing stuff from DAW like flstudio/ableton live but I like this or any score writing software because it gives me easy factor because I like to see music notes as they were designed in past(I get confused by placing box as full/half/quarter notes.).We are making simple chords formation here for our own production samples.

Choose Instruments

I am making screen changes for my way so this is how it makes easier if I can see piano at the bottom

Choose Instruments

Now I will create a sample track for you to look at it and usually this takes time but I will share the end result with you.So you should create your own musical theme or sample by this tool and you can get your rough music track at the end.When you are finished writing notes then it will look like something shown in the image.Then I use Audacity for wave modification and details for production base.At the end just using mastering tools to give it a different perspectives. Many of us know how to use DAW so once you have this track then you can modify for purposes.If you are wondering how about full orchestral then its very complex to teach because it has so many variations and things so I added this example just to help those who want to start from basic.

Choose Instruments

Again This stuff is very very simple but if you can do this in minutes then its done you can move to next step for theme base music writing.These files are for music writing purposes only if you want to know how music is mastered then I will upload the page later on here.

Simple Chords
Modified for ambience
Music Sheet
Readme file

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